For stress relief, try coloring!


I was introduced to Mandalas by a previous co-worker as a fun mindfulness activity to do at the beginning of DBT groups. Activity-based mindfulness using art or music were always my favorite types and I always felt a twinge of excitement every time I was asked to participate in something creative.

Whenever I try to describe Mandalas or other similar coloring books, I always end up saying that they’re “adult coloring books”. This has gotten me more than a few puzzled looks and laughs. I THEN have to explain that they are simply challenging and more detailed than anything you may have colored when you were young.

Coloring a mandala or something with a lot of detail requires concentration and mindfulness. It’s an excellent way to distract from racing or obsessive thoughts, improve mood and reduce depression or anxiety, provide stress relief, or simply do something relaxing after a busy day.

Mandalas are easy to find online for free; just type “mandala” into the search bar. Bookstores and craft stores sell books of Mandalas and other coloring books for adults. Because they are so popular now, you can find them easily. Some of the options out there are quite beautiful!

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